About Jan Martin

Jan Martin (Director of SENSItive Education Consultancy Ltd.) specializes in working with primary and secondary schools, PRUs, Local Authorities, and independent school groups on a range of school improvement activities; self-evaluation, primary and secondary curriculum development, strategies for improving learning and teaching, building effective leadership and management at all levels, and providing strategic and operational advice on developing Inclusion & SEN provision.  

Jan provides support for Local Authority officers and support staff, Headteachers, Principals, Deputy Headteachers, senior leaders, SENCOs, teachers, support staff and governors. 

Jan’s services have proved invaluable for raising performance in school settings, as well as being well regarded by LA and higher education staff, inspectors and consultants.
Jan has had a very successful career in education;

  • Independent SEN Adviser and consultant working full-time since 2009
  • Ofsted inspector – Secondary, SEN, EAL – over 50 inspections
  • Achievement for All coach
  • SEN trainer (Optimus, Forum, Buckinghamshire Learning Trust)   *1
  • Author of books on SEN
  • SEN Adviser and Principal of Special School for English Schools Foundation,
    Hong Kong
  • Head of School Improvement & Performance, Northamptonshire
  • Secondary and Special School Improvement Partner
  • Head of Inclusion & Pupil Support, Northamptonshire
  • SEN Inspector & Adviser for Northamptonshire
  • SENCo + Manager of Special Provision, Northamptonshire and SENCo in 2 large comprehensive schools in Islington & Hackney
  • Deputy Head of a Special School in Tower Hamlets

Jan Martin
Jan Martin

Specialist in Special Educational Needs (SEN) and School Improvement - training, consultancy and interim management.

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