Interim Management

Jan has extensive Local Authority Senior Management experience in Children’s’ Services, especially in School Improvement, and SEN & Inclusion services, and offers expertise in;

Leadership and management of LA School Improvement strategies & teams

  • Leadership of LA action plans for schools in Ofsted categories, and experience of providing support and challenge to Headteachers and Chairs of Governors in these circumstances
  • Development of phase (primary, secondary, EYFS, special, alternative provision) LA action plans to raise standards and prevent schools from falling into Ofsted categories
    • Interim experience to date;
    • Secondary Adviser/Strategy Manager for Milton Keynes
  • Line management of LA specialist intervention officers in schools at risk of being in or already in Ofsted categories
  • Experience of reporting to and working with Directors of Children’s Services and Elected members

Raising standards in special needs provisions

  • Shared co-ordination of groups of special school Headteachers to develop a collaborative approach to school improvement in special schools
  • Development of a collaborative approach to measuring, monitoring and evaluation achievement and progress of pupils in special schools and PRUs

Management of CPD programmes for schools

  • Experience of planning and implementing a business plan for running a large team of school improvement advisers and subject specialists to provide CPD to all phases (bespoke packages for individual schools, and a termly training package for all schools)  (Northamptonshire Inspection & Advisory Service)
  • Line management of business team to run a large CPD organisations

Planning for local Academies and Trust schools

  • Has contributed to initial planning teams for early Academies and trusts (Northamptonshire)
  • LA representative on an Academy Board (Milton Keynes)

Support for Gifted & Talented programmes

  • Professional Development Strand Leader for Giftedness & Creativity project (Mawhiba Project) in Saudi Arabia (2009 – 2011) led by Professor Deborah Eyre
  • Experience in planning change programme and standards setting for schools aspiring to promote giftedness and creativity
  • Experience of working with senior leadership teams to promote giftedness and creativity within the curriculum and teaching and learning

Line management of Music and Governors’ services

  • Experience of line managing Music and Performance Arts Service in Northamptonshire
  • Experience of line managing Governors’ Services (Northamptonshire)
  • Liaising with Governors’ Services re training programmes (Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes)

Planning for special needs provisions

  • Experience of initiating and leading on review of special and mainstream school provision for pupils with SEN (Northamptonshire)
  • Experience of reporting to and working with Directors of Children’s Services and Elected members re special school and alternative provisions
  • Leadership of LA action plans to develop special school and alternative provisions

Line management of inclusion services

  • Line management of inclusion services - Educational Psychologists, SEN support Services, EWS, EMASS, BESD, Children Missing Education, etc.
  • Detailed knowledge and experience in LA responsibilities outlined in SEN Code of Practice
  • Leadership of LA implementation of SEN Code of Practice
  • Line management of SEN specialist teams
  • Line management of Education Welfare Teams
  • Line management of LA EAL teams
  • Line management of LA teams responsible for vulnerable children

Jan Martin
Jan Martin

Specialist in Special Educational Needs (SEN) and School Improvement – training, consultancy and interim management.